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Mergers & Acquisitions

When going through the layers of analysis and due diligence leading to a possible merger or acquisition, companies need a trusted and objective partner. Pinpoint is your partner for these critical business negotiations and decisions. We pull together analysis to help qualify each decision then continue to work with both organizations throughout the process. Whether a full merger or acquisition or a partial asset or equity purchase, our in depth analysis helps identify risks and liabilities, as well as to present benefits and opportunities. Our team helps your business qualify the pros and cons to make informed decisions.

Pinpoint provides full valuation services. Whether it be to fully qualify your bid, to compliment your internal analysis, or to validate or counter an opposing offer, our team of experts hold years of experience work with various cash-flow valuations, venture-capital valuations, and book valuations. Our Merger and Acquisition services have been leverages for commercial real estate deals, across software companies, and hardware technology manufacturers.


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