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Digital Marketing

Pinpoint’s Paid Search and Pay-Per-Click offering optimizes exposure to your content. Psychographic and demographic profiling and keyword analysis pinpoints optimum customer response and exposure.

Search Engine Optimization leverages the most recent changes in search algorithms on a changing and ongoing basis, to place your website, articles, and content at or near the top of the top search engines, whether Google or Bing. Most clicks originate from the first page of any search, so search engine optimization becomes critical to your digital marketing success.

Content Marketing creates valuable and relevant content that attracts and retains a clearly defined audience for bringing customers to your businesses products and services. Pinpoint works with your organization to create content that potential customers seek out to help them solve their issues and answer their questions. In creating meaningful content, businesses around the world see increased sales, cost savings, and more loyal customers. With Pinpoint, you can, too.

Social Media Marketing leverages the most popular social media networks to promote your products and services. Whether it be Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Swarm, Kik, Periscope, Medium, SoundCloud, etc Pinpoint works with your business to create a marketing campaign and target your audience. It could be a meme, a video, an audio, an image or picture, or just creative text. Unlike ‘old-school’ advertising copy, social media marketing may include passive content or active content to engage hyper-targeted audiences. It could create programs to induce user-generated content or leverage content that identifies so well with its audience that people want to share and promote it.


With Pinpoint, Email Marketing becomes easy. We work with your organization to build your email list, manage them, and create email marketing campaigns that drive action and response that brings your business exposure and revenue. Get your focused email messages out to your targeted audience. Whether the email is a periodic newsletter, sales campaign, or promotion, email marketing becomes a critical component of even today’s digital marketing strategy that builds both trust and loyalty.

Reduce human error and increase efficiency with Marketing Automation. Pinpoint leverages analytical tools and software platforms that streamline your companies marketing processes and promote sales to plan, coordinate, and manage across digital marketing approaches. With Pinpoint, see how our marketing automation service will bring new revenue to your business.


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